Here Comes The Sun DCW Editions, Paris by Bertrand Balas, 1969
Bertrand Balas, a French architect born in 1935, created the lamp Here Comes the Sun in August 1969. It was released in 1970 and this ceiling lamp is still collected by many French lighting addicts. 
At first sight, this round lamp looks like many other round lamps. But the Here Comes the Sun by Bertand Balas becomes magic when the light is on. Depending on your mood, you feel the sun rising, the sunlight or the moonlight. 
Here Comes The Sun provides a functional, direct light through base as well as ambient, indirect light through the top.

A ceiling cover to hang multiples of 4, 7 or 9 lamps is avaiable to order seperately. 
Ø 100mm
Ø 175mm
Ø 250mm
Ø 350mm
Ø 450mm
Ø 550mm

Cord length 3000mm.

Ceiling System for 4 pendants Ø 520mm
Ceiling System for 7 pendants Ø 560mm
Ceiling System for 9 pendants Ø 600mm

Rated IP20
White/White White/Copper Black/White Black/Copper