In the Tube DCW Editions by Gaëlle Lauriot-Prévost & Dominique Perrault
IN THE TUBE diffuses a soft, filtered light that can be oriented by the movable mesh filter or by a reflector whose colour determines the light given off : stainless steel for a silver light, anonised aluminium for copper or gold. The IN THE TUBE collection of high-performance tubes could be just as easily at home in a James Bond spy kit as it could in a Jules Verne rocket! 

Made from high-strength Borosilicate glass, with Silicone seals and a fine, pleated metal mesh internally, In The Tube sits equally well indoors and out.

The light is available in a number of lengths, as well as a suspension version for indoor use. 

100-350: Ø100 x 370mm
100-500: Ø120 x 520mm
120-700/4: Ø120 x 720mm
120-1300 Ø120 x 1320mm
Indoor & Outdoor use.
Gold or Silver filter