Yang Minotti by Rodolfo Dordoni

A young, dynamic seating system where geometric lines form an original mix of soft volumes in an unconventional rhythm of full and empty spaces.The streamlined aesthetic style juxtaposes with the wide freedom of seating arrangements, which makes for very original design ideas.

One setting available, it includes:
Yang sofa modules
Yang ottoman
Roll cushions
4 x back cushions
1 x headrest

L4300 x D1050 x H780mm
Structure: in plywood with suspension provided by high-rubbercontent elastic webbing. The seat structure is made of high resilience, variable-density polyurethane foam with a concave contour to cradle the cushion, maximizing softness and durability. The upper portion of the armrests and backrests is made of temperature sensitive Memory Foam. An additional casing in breathable heat-bonded fiber laminated to white hypoallergenic cotton fabric lends superior softness.
Light Grey