Ghost Sofa Gervasoni by Paola Navone
An unconventional textile project, Ghost seats are comfortable and snug just like their covers. It is a family of upholstered furniture – sofas, armchairs, poufs, chairs and beds – that don and doff their clothes in a jiffy, with a very luxury appearance if dressed with brocade fabric, or the one of extreme simplicity if dressed in white linen.

A contrasting edge detail is available on the Ghost series, allowing you to personalise it to your taste.

Left and Right  modules are available in the Ghost Modular range. 
Ghost 20 L/R chaise 
L2000 x D850 x H700mm 

Ghost 21 L/R Module
W1800 x D850 x H700mm

Ghost 22 L/R Sofa
W2200 x D850 x H700mm  

Removable fabric covers
Available in a wide range of fabrics.