Pli Dining Table ClassiCon by Victoria Wilmotte, 2017
With the Pli Table series French designer Victoria Wilmotte brings objects of unusual crystalline elegance and astonishing geometry to living environments, dining rooms or entrance areas. The bends and folds that gave Pli its name almost make the stainless steel base look like an oversized finely polished precious stone. The four different colour versions of the table result from the different duration of the surface treatment which provides the stainless steel with either a green, blue, bronze or black shimmer. The Pli Table can be used as a representative dining table for up to eight persons. In the entrée or foyer, galleries and stores the table can also be used as a spectacular eye-catcher. It is available with a glass panel fully colour-lacquered on its bottom, or with a clear glass tabletop with just the contact surface resting on the stainless steel base colour-lacquered on its bottom.
W1800 x L1400 x H730mm.
Base Ø640mm
Base: folded, high-gloss polished stainless steel sheet. Top: crystal glass, colour-lacquered in its centre or fully colour-lacquered, glossy.
Saphire Blue, Onyx Black, Pyrite Bronze or Topas Green.