Turi Turi LaCividina by Antonino Sciortino
Turi Turi offer a minimalist reinterpretation of the luxurious Sicilian Baroque style. The main element in the design is a 6 mm-thick circular piece of steel that is skilfully worked by hand. The circular steel shape contributes to a play of curved lines that follow one another in a rhythmic, sensual dance. The Turi Turi line consists of four small tables, with heights and sizes that vary depending on the number of circular steel elements used. Their appealing roundness and the simple steel top, also circular, bring to mind images of Sicilian men wearing traditional hats.
300mm diameter x 500mm h, 400mm diameter x 450mm h, 350mm diameter x 400mm h and 500mm diameter x 350mm h.
Made with 64 steel rods, bent and joined by two rings, and then be completed by a floor always in steel.
Please contact the Contempo design staff for colour information.