Brand:Toulemonde Bochart
Origin:Wissous, France
Specialise in:Rugs
Toulemonde Bochart, historically a family textile business, has been specialising in products for the home since the beginning of the 1970s – providing its clients with creative and innovative collections. Since 1980, Toulemonde Bochart has entrusted the creation of complete ranges to some of the industry’s most talented designers as well as to young designers seeking to express themselves in the form of a product with endless possibilities.The rug therefore becomes a central accessory of contemporary decoration. Toulemonde Bochart has always paid particular attention to its production chain. Despite the remoteness of its production sites, regular visits enable compliance with both social and environmental international standards to be verified. First and foremost, none of their partners employ children – quite the opposite – thanks to organisations such as Care and Fair, supported by financial contributions based on a percentage of sales, actually funds health and education programs.